Sunday, February 20, 2011

The opposite of nihilism is creativity

British author Ian McEwan has made an eloquently powerful attack on the Israeli government's policies in his speech accepting the Jerusalem prize for literature.

Addressing his remarks at the opening ceremony of Jerusalem's International Book Fair to "Israeli and Palestinian citizens of this beautiful city", the novelist said: "Hamas has embraced the nihilism of the suicide bomber, of rockets fired blindly into towns, and the nihilism of the extinctionist policy towards Israel."

But it was also nihilism that fired a rocket at the home of the Gazan doctor, Izzadin Abu Eilash, killing three of his daughters and a niece during the Gazan war. "And it is nihilism to make a long-term prison camp of the Gaza Strip. Nihilism has unleashed a tsunami of concrete across the occupied territories."

"The opposite of nihilism is creativity. The mood for change, the hunger for individual freedom that is spreading through the Middle East is an opportunity more than it is a threat."


The Guardian

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