Saturday, January 30, 2010

#Listening to The Visitor, by Jim O’Rourke

The Visitor is a masterpiece of arranging. Each sound has its place, and every element shifts in and out of presence so discreetly that you never notice the transitions. Despite requiring a reported 200 tracks to realise, the mix is uncluttered and the edits quite invisible; each event furthers the sonic narrative, then disappears when its job is done.

Bill Meyer, The Wire's Mag., September 2009


The Visitor, will be on air, tonight at (11pm, Lisbon Time), 107.9fm Coimbra, Portugal

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Derek Bailey, 80 years old

Derek Bailey was born on January the 29th, 1930. He would have 80 years, today.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scoolptures, by Nicola Negrini

A sound Scoolpture, by Italian bassist Nicola Negrini. Together with Achille Succi on bass clarinet, altosax and shakuhachi, Philippe Garcia on drums, voice and live electronics, and Antonio Della Marina on sinewaves, live electronics, Negrini has released Materiale Umano, on British label Leo Records, end of last year.

Materiale Umano comprises a batch of very exciting instantaneous compositions, some of them to be broadcasted next Saturday, 10pm, at

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RSS do @publico novamente online. Até que enfim....

Terá sido a notícia do Sr. Lopes da Mota que serviu de tampão aos feeds do Público?  Desde o dia 23, Sábado, até há instantes, black-out total. Ficamos curiosos... 


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unseen 'black eye' Lucian Freud self-portrait on sale, The Independent reports

A newly discovered self-portrait of Britain’s most famous – and bankable – living artist (Lucian Freud ) is going on sale next month which shows the artist sporting a black eye. Legend has it that the notoriously reclusive painter, widely considered to be Britain’s best living artist, decided to use his run-in with an angry taxi driver to compose an unusual self-portrait rather than wallow over an altercation that left him noticeably worse off than his adversary.

A detail from Freud's self-portrait showing the black eye


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Super DIABOLIQUES: Irène Schweizer | Maggie Nicols | Joëlle Leandre

LES DIABOLIQUES: Irène Schweizer, Maggie Nicols, Joëlle Leandre

Recorded at Jazzclub Moods, Zürich, at the Intakt-Jubilee-Festival (20 Years of Intakt Records)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Director Eric Rohmer dies aged 89

The Guardian:
Eric Rohmer, the French New Wave director known for Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night with Maud), Le genou de Claire (Claire's Knee), and other films about the intricacies of romantic relationships and the dilemmas of modern love, has died. He was 89.

Business Week:
Along with Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, Rohmer wrote for the avant-garde Cahiers du Cinema and was editor of the film magazine for seven years. He wrote the script for Godard’s first French film, “All the Boys Are Named Patrick.” (It contains a shot of a man reading a French movie magazine with the headline, “French Cinema is Dying Under the Weight of False Legends.”)

The New York Times:
Aesthetically, Mr. Rohmer was perhaps the most conservative member of the group of aggressive young critics who purveyed their writings for publications like Arts and Les Cahiers du Cinéma into careers as filmmakers beginning in the late 1950s. A former novelist and teacher of French and German literature, Mr. Rohmer emphasized the spoken and written word in his films at a time when tastes – thanks in no small part to his own pioneering writing on Alfred Hitchcock and Howard Hawks – had begun to shift from literary adaptations to genre films grounded in strong visual styles.

(NYT: Pierre Verdy/Associated Press)

Le Monde:
Ça prolifique carrière apparaît comme le fruit d'un curieux mélange entre deux principes antagonistes: la sagesse et la folie. La première tient à la manière dont Eric Rohmer a très tôt construit son autonomie artistique en fabriquant des films peu chers qui trouvent leur public, et en créant, dès 1962, une société de production à laquelle s'adosser, Les Films du losange. La seconde tient à une morale de fabrication d'une austérité tout à la fois altière et bricoleuse, un jansénisme de la prise directe couplé à une jouissance effrénée de la liberté ainsi conquise, en compagnie des nombreuses jeunes filles en fleurs qui peuplent ses films. Là réside sans doute le mystère de son cinéma, comme le secret de sa longévité.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Ex & Brass Unbound

Dutch project The Ex, the world's most astonishing active band, will tour in Britain together with a brass band formed by Mats Gustafsson, Roy Paci, Ken Vandermark and Wolter Wierbos.
One can imagine the super power of this amazing colective.
Catch the rhythm...

The Ex & Brass Unbound from QU JUNKTIONS on Vimeo.