Thursday, September 02, 2010

#Listening to Transylvanian Software, by Guy Klucevsek

American composer and accordionist Guy Klucevsek will participate at New York's Whitney Museum, as part of the Christian Marclay Festival.

Kluvevsek's schedule for Marclay’s festival includes solo performances and several sessions with some of New York’s finest improvisers: trumpeter Peter Evans, Korean cellist Okkyung Lee, saxophonist Ned Rothenberg and o.blatt (Keiko Uenishi), Japanese sound artist and composer based in New York.

Improvising, composing or playing others people music, he’s been at the core of New York scene for about 3 decades, melting together jazz, rock, world, classical, improvisation and all the other possible (or implausible) music sub-types. He have performed or recorded music with or from John Zorn, Fred Frith, Zeenna Parkins, Laurie Anderson, Anthony Braxton, Anthony Coleman, Bill Frisell, the Kronos Quartet, Natalie Merchant, Pauline Oliveros and many many others. His music have been released by Tzadik, Starkland, Winter & Winter, Experimental Intermedia, CRI, among others.

New York is here. Shame that I cannot be there!

"Transylvanian Software" was released by Starkland in 1999.

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