Sunday, August 01, 2010

Han Bennink at Jazz em Agosto 2010

Unconventional veteran Dutch drummer Han Bennink will be portrayed at Jazz em Agosto festival on a documentary film by Jellie Dekker and Dick Lucas - Han Bennink «Hazentijd». The day after, Sunday the 8th of August, Mr. Bennink will play together with Dutch pianist Guus Janssen. 

Han Bennink has played at Jazz em Agosto, so far at least three more times - in the 2000 edition in a duo with Ellery Eskelin (sax) and as member of the portentous Instant Composers Pool Orchestra, funded in 1967 by Mr. Bennink and pianist Misha Mengelberg . In 2003, Bennink has visited Lisbon with the Boeren Double Quartet.

Did I mentioned unconventional??

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