Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sacred system: Peter Evans in Coimbra

Only four days left, before the inaugural set of the 2010 edition of Jazz ao Centro Festival, in Coimbra. Next Friday, Peter Evans’ music will flood Santa Clara-a-Velha monastery.

Evans' solo performances are totally insane:  virtuosity and technique playing a tremendous fight against voice and aesthetic. “It takes a long time to realize that there’s no rules”, Peter Evans once said. But that could be exactly the only possible rule. His art lives somewhere from Louis Armstrong to John Cage, or in between Miles Davis and Luciano Berio. When he is improvising, listeners will get immersed on a turbulent flow of ideas and physical sensations. The acoustic process is powerful enough to transport you to a different psychological universe.

Santa Clara-a-velha monastery seems to be the perfect gate-way to set up a sacred system, a mental process where everything as to be equated. Not to be missed!

Jazz ao Centro, Peter Evans solo, Coimbra, May 28, 19h.

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