Thursday, December 17, 2009

#Listening to Anthony Braxton / Joëlle Léandre DUO: (Heidelberg Loppem) 2007

"A singular meeting of two special musical voices", a performance at the Heidelberg Café in Loppem, Belgium. 

Braxton's sax sings and dances, shouts and wails, and Léandre is especially strong when playing arco in this context.She manages to give texture to music, and to get the best out of the musicians she plays with. To Braxton's credit, he is a great listener, moving along with the French bassist, moving from harsh moments to soft sensitivity to incredibly complex almost endless linear soaring sax phrases.
The second piece of this album brings a complete world of music, incredibly rich, varied, complex and intense : 36 minutes of pure improvisational joy. ( Free Jazz )

Joëlle Léandre, solo

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