Thursday, May 07, 2009

OFFF 2009: 'Fail Gracefully Panel

"Fail Gracefully" is the subject of a main panel at Offf 2009, leaded by Florian Schmitt from Hi-Res! and Mushon Zer-Aviv from Shual. With Aaron Koblin, Alva Noto, Joshua Davis, PES and Stefan Sagmeister.

From the panel manifesto:

"Failing gracefully is a state of mind, an approach to progress in the creative process. We fail, we freak out, we get over it. We fail, and then use failure as an invitation to participate. We allow for distributed failure, and succeed together despite that. We fail, as to not get too comfortable in our success, to challenge our own process and the use of our tools. We fail, we get praised for it, we try again. We fail, we realize it, we recheck our agency, our networks, our intentions. We fail (gracefully), and so should you."

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